I will be researching interaction between the body and design objects through 3D visualisation, animation and fabrication techniques. Inspired by the ethos of the Vienna Secessions ‘gesamtkunstwerk’ I will investigate the potential for embodied experience with everyday design objects and interactive environments. I will create interactive virtual compositions that will be translated into functional design objects and installed space.

My project outcome will be initially guided by experimentation with 3D software to create digital compositions that reference geometry and biomorphism. These compositions will explore material, texture, light, form and space. Later iterations will consider these elements in relation to the body through being fabricated into conceptual furniture designs using 3D printing techniques and casting. This production process will evaluate sustainable materials, methods of production and haptics.

This project has emerged from an interest in challenging the body and mind split. It has also been inspired by a desire to develop my skillset with digital tools. Despite playing a major role within my work I am very critical of technology and its physically alienating affects. I aim to use technology in a way that increases bodily and sensory awareness in participants interacting with the spaces I install. I am also aiming to use the research and insight gained through my project to develop a collaborative platform within Aberdeen.

Conceptual Framework
project will take a multidisciplinary approach to making whilst maintaining a common aesthetic thread that engages issues of bodily and emotional disconnect, ever-present symptoms of the hyper-real age. In this project I aim to use motion and digital design to transformative effect, I will explore how these elements can be used to positively impact interaction and wellbeing both personally and within wider communities.

- Utilize technology in a way that increases bodily and sensory awareness in participants interacting with the spaces I install.
- Create an immersive installation that combines made furniture objects and virtual reality.
- Create a virtual platform to engage with and develop emerging media and artists within Aberdeen.

- Create interactive virtual space to host exhibitions and events through learning game development platform Unity.
- Develop strong technical ability as a 3D motion designer and interactive artist, through expanding proficiency in multiple software applications.
- Expand knowledge of materials and fabrication methods.

I am an interdsiciplinary artist, designer and DJ based in Aberdeen. As a graduate artist I have curated, planned and delivered exhibitions. My most recent shows including Royal Scottish Academy, New Contemporaries and the Scottish Society of Artists.

My creative practice combines digital media, sculpture and sound in an installed space. I translate sound and digital image into physical space to create mindfulness and a bodily awareness for participants.



Breaktime Boogie - April 2021
Video + Animation + DJing
Aberdeen Art Gallery, Aberdeen
For this project I was commmissioned by Aberdeen Art Gallery to create a virtual disco event aimed at children and families. I worked with them last year to create a live event not long before the lockdown. This virtual event is a way around the lockdown distancing measures, the event will be going live May day weekend.

I filmed myself DJing and edited the footage together with submmitted footage from families using Adobe After Effects. I also created the identity for the event and animated it. Due to this event not having passed yet I am unable to share the final footage. 

“A DJ for over 8 years, Nina Stanger is a regular on the Scottish nightclub and festival circuit. With a focus on creating dancefloor energy, she plays a wide and varied selection of sounds, from underground dance oddities to classic pop. As an avid record digger her crates are not limited to one style, time or audience.

When not DJing she is studying or working as a freelance artist and designer. Her work explores sensory experience through digital animation, sound and sculpture. As part of her Masters studies at RGU she is currently planning some local creative events that will take place post lockdown.”

3D Modelling +
Animation + Rendering

Over the course of the second semester I have been learning to use new a rendering engine, Redshift. I have also been experimenting with physcis and animation further to achieve more visually interesting textures. These skills will contribute to my technical skill as designer and towards creating a portfolio of work I can present when applying for internships, which I hope to be doing as soon as travel is permitted.


Student Feedback +
Staff Liason
As student rep I have worked with two other representatives to gather student feedback relating to the course, curriculum and wider student experience. This feedback has taken external factors into consideration when deciding what questions to ask students, one major factor being COVID 19 and its impact on university access. Working together the student representative team used a google form that included questions recommended by the student rep training module, we also included space for any other feedback. Undertaking the student rep training has increased my awareness of the criteria and responsibilities of an engaged representative. This experience has given me the perspective to evaluate my organisational skills and communication. I am also assessing way in which feedback can be successfully gathered, recognising room for adaptation and improvement.