I will be researching interaction between the body and design objects through 3D visualisation, animation and fabrication techniques. Inspired by the ethos of the Vienna Secessions ‘gesamtkunstwerk’ I will investigate the potential for embodied experience with everyday design objects and interactive environments. I will create interactive virtual compositions that will be translated into functional design objects and installed space.

My project outcome will be initially guided by experimentation with 3D software to create digital compositions that reference geometry and biomorphism. These compositions will explore material, texture, light, form and space. Later iterations will consider these elements in relation to the body through being fabricated into conceptual furniture designs using 3D printing techniques and casting. This production process will evaluate sustainable materials, methods of production and haptics.

I am an interdsiciplinary artist, designer and DJ based in Aberdeen. As a graduate artist I have curated, planned and delivered exhibitions. My most recent shows including Royal Scottish Academy, New Contemporaries and the Scottish Society of Artists.

My creative practice combines digital media, sculpture and sound in an installed space. I translate sound and digital image into physical space to create mindfulness and a bodily awareness for participants.



Designers + Reading
Interior design + Mixed media sculpture + Ceramic + 3D printing  

These designers all experiment with form and in some cases with methods of manifacturing. I am interested in these works both aesthetically and structurally.  Artists Wang & Soderstrom utilise 3D software and printing to conceptualise and fabricate their design objects. They also use 3D space to animate their designs, this combination of parralel digital and physical manifestations is a theme I will be exploring within my own work. 

1. Steve Bukowski
2. Kristen Wentrcek & Andrew Zebulon
3. Jurgen Bay
4. Chris Schanck 
5. James Shaw 
6. Wang & Soderstrom 
7. Bari Zipperstein
8. Aubrey Large
9. Phillippe Starck 

Shape Concepts
3D modelling + Animation 

These objects were created through sweeping primitive shapes along a path or spline. This vessel combines geometric form and organic movement. These compositions will be part of an initial investigation of possible forms that will influence further design outcomes later on in my project development.

These compostions were created using 3D software Cinema 4D and rendering engine Octane Render.